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All Legal & More Limited is a law firm specialising in Immigration law. We offer bespoke immigration advice to our clients, whether individuals or businesses. We speak Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Italian and English.

Our firm provides advice across a wide range of immigration law issues: permanent and temporary UK residence for EEA citizens and their family members, applications for UK citizenship, investors and entrepreneurs’ applications.

Our company is based in London near the iconic Shard, and conveniently opposite London Bridge train station.  We are fully conversant with all aspects of UK immigration law and is able to assist both companies and individuals with the full spectrum of immigration legal services.

 We provide our clients with a 360 degree view of their immigration options when providing them with possible solutions and giving strategic planning advice assisting the case until it reaches the successful conclusion.

Upon prior agreement we are able to accommodate you over weekends. 

We are here to help

EEA Citizens and Brexit

I have been working in the UK for a couple of years and I am  not sure what my status will be after Brexit.

I work in the UK working and hold European passport. I would like to bring in my other family members here and need to know what to do for it.

EEA Citizens and their non EEA family members

Permanent residence in the UK and Citizenship

I would like to apply for a UK permanent residence and I am not sure what documents I need to provide in order for it to be granted. I also would like to know how long I need to wait to get UK passport.

Coming to the UK as an Investor or Entrepreneur

I have a big business in Russia and Ukraine with branches around the world and I would like to develop my business in the UK. My business in Russian was very successful and I would like to reinvest in the UK.

Children born in the UK with non British parents

I do not have a British passport, I have lived and worked in the UK for 5 years. Recently we have had another child that was born in the UK. I have heard that the child can be registered as a British citizen.

Sponsorship licence and bringing skilled employees to the UK

We need to obtain a sponsorship licence from the Home Office and also require assistance for a Tier 2 visa to bring several employees for work from abroad to the UK.